New SM girl group f(x).. already plastic surgery rumours?

Just recently SM has revealed their new five membered girl group f(x), and each member is being separately showcased with new pictures. So far, SNSD’s Jessica’s younger sister Krystal has been showcased, as well as members Sulli, Amber, and just recently, Luna. Just as Luna’s pictures came out, pictures have surfaced on the internet of her in the past on an old game show called The Truth Game (진실게임). Just by looking at them, someone can really tell that she got something done to her face.


On ‘The Truth Game’ show, several contestants come out and show their talents, etc. to convince the celebrity guests that they are real. One episode that I remember was when “women” contestants came out, and the guests had to figure out who the real woman was; some were just men who dressed as women. (Oh, should I mention that the recent transgender top model that caused a hot issue in Korea appeared as a contestant on that episode?) The elementary school-age Luna in the pictures above is shown doing a wave; the guests are trying to figure out if she is a elementary school kid or a 20 year old. Though the pictures are slightly unclear, there is a definite difference between her debut picture and the pictures from the game. The bottom right picture is good evidence too.

Her debut picture.


I am not bashing at this girl. I haven’t even seen her true talent yet. But man, plastic surgery for a girl that just turned 17 in Korea (BOD: 08-12-93). And those neitzens are really at it again…do they have lives?

I feel like I’m gradually not getting that shocked by plastic surgeries on idols and celebrities. It’s not a good thing, but isn’t it true that especially in this generation, no one can debut until their looks are good enough? I wish that Korea could become a bit less shallower; shouldn’t it be talent over appearance?

… But I guess it doesn’t hurt if you get some eye candy, right?


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